Equipment and Resources


The loom made by Board and Bread is one of my most used looms. It is beautifully crafted and such a perfect loom in many ways. I love that it can fit in my purse and I can truly weave on the go. It is small but mighty! Board and Bread is now making weaving forks as well!


If you are interested in tapestry or Navajo weaving, this is the loom for you! C-Cactus Flower makes several sizes (I have the maxi loom). It is wonderful because it keeps the tension, has 9 epi, and is still small enough that it is great for travel. I love that it is easy to warp and it is my go-to loom for tapestry weaving.


Lost Pond Looms makes several different sized looms, I have the Bullfrog and the Crane. I love that these looms are adjustable and easy to assemble/disassemble and are therefore easy to travel with. 


Of course I love the looms that I designed, the beginners loom is great because it is small enough that it isn't intimidating for someone just starting weaving and I love the larger one for bigger projects. These looms are special because they come with a rotating heddle which makes the weaving process go much more quick. These looms are made by a family friend who lives in Flint, Michigan.



I absolutely love the weaving fork made by Emily of Board and Bread. It has the most beautiful design, it is a dream to work with. Emily takes great care in creating each piece, her work is not only practical, it is a work of art.


My other favorite forks are made by C-Cactus Flower. I love the Maggie forks for tapestry weaving, the mini fork is great when I am working on small details. 



Rebecca Mezoff is an accomplished tapestry artist, she has been weaving for years and has an excellent youtube channel. She is thorough and a great instructor.


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