Christmastime and My Dream of a Christmas Tree November 19 2013

Christmastime is my favorite time (and my birthdaytime). In May of this year my family and I moved temporarily to Tempe, Arizona. We decided to keep some of our things in storage in California, including all our Christmas things. Of course by October I had started to regret that decision and the idea for the yarn Christmas tree was born!

I started with a tomato cage, chicken wire, binding wire, a redwood board, and a Christmas tree stand. Oh yeah, and all the yarn. Actually, I bought some yarn, used some of my stash and then in the process I made three or four or five more trips to various yarn and craft stores to buy more yarn.




For a couple weeks I made pompoms. And then I made some more pompoms, and then my mom came to visit and we made pompoms together. 

I started attaching the pompoms to the tree.



The entire process took about two weeks. 

Lesson learned: Wait until children have fine motor skills and can help you make pompoms instead of asking you to make more pompoms for the kitties to play with.