Christmastime and My Dream of a Christmas Tree November 19 2013

Christmastime is my favorite time (and my birthdaytime). In May of this year my family and I moved temporarily to Tempe, Arizona. We decided to keep some of our things in storage in California, including all our Christmas things. Of course by October I had started to regret that decision and the idea for the yarn Christmas tree was born! I started with a tomato cage, chicken wire, binding wire,...

Feeling Sparkly September 27 2013

This time of year I always start to get really giddy about the holidays. I have yet to meet anyone who shares this feeling and I usually try to hide it inside. I secretly want to listen to Christmas music and decorate my entire house in faux snow and maybe some baby penguins. Well, I decided to direct that energy into making something sparkly.       

Beginning September 23 2013

At long last I have finally created a space to display my fiber art. I am hoping that over the next several weeks and months I will have lots of work to show you. I am currently working on three more pieces of woven art and I am hoping to start on more felting this week. I would love to hear from you, thank you for stopping by!
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